School Bus Management System (SBMS)

Equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) to manage the deployment of bus fleet and effective planning of bus routes, SBMS is a centralised multipurpose solution designed to resolve various challenges faced by the school transport trade.

Not only does SBMS optimise travel routes drivers take, saving time and money, it also incorporates an in-bus surveillance system with a fully automated student attendance taking and notification system. This enhances security as actual locations of the buses and students are available for real time monitoring. Simultaneously, this keeps parents updated about whereabouts of their children and provide high-definition video footages as concrete evident in event of in-bus emergencies, disputes or theft.

In conjunction, training programmes will also be conducted for the bus drivers to address key issues such as safety awareness and customer service and hone professional soft skills.

Learn more about SBMS in this video or in the link attached:


Essential SMBS System Components

  1. SSTA Operation Command Centre (OCC)
  • Real-time tracking of bus information (bus movement and location, driver information, direction, etc.)
  • Geographical Informative System (GIS) allows dispatches to easily identify current and target locations on digital map, derive the fastest and shortest path of bus routes, and perform bus allocation tasks
  • Geo-fencing alert activation in event when the bus travel outside set perimeters to enhance safety and security of bus and prevent theft
  • Multi-channel HD video footage playback for monitoring and event investigations
  1. Smart Bus Route Planning System
  • Provide route planning schedules for subscribers’ buses to optimize bus’s capability and daily usage
  • Enhance productivity and minimize wastage per bus trip
  1. Emergency Bus Alarm System
  • Alarm reporting system for emergency notifications via 2-way IP Voice Intercom between OCC and bus drivers
  • Timely distress call ensure help could arrive soonest
  1. In-Bus Surveillance System (6-8 Ways)
  • Equipped with 3G video streaming, GPS, real-time HD video recording and bounteous 512GB Data Storage
  • Allows configurable messages to be sent via SSTA OCC to bus drivers in event of road traffic jam, delays or medical emergency, etc.
  1. iBeacon Student Attendance System
  • Automated attendance tracking system (hands-free iBeacon tag to be attached to school bag or wallet of every student taking school bus) will alert the bus driver when a student boards the wrong bus or misses the stop
  • Provide bus drivers with a user-friendly graphical user interface to view critical information of the student
  1. iOS/Android Mobile Applications for Parents & Bus Drivers
  • Provide timely notifications to update anxious parents on the whereabouts of their child.
  • Push announcements, reminders, electronic newsletters, advertisements, etc.
  1. Vehicle Fleet and Driver Management System
  • Provide effective bus fleet management for operational costs reductions
  • Active tracking of drivers’ adverse driving behaviours to encourage better road usage and enhance road safety
  • Allow effective deployment and utilization of drivers


  1. Improve productivity through new Smart Bus Route Planning and Vehicle & Driver Management System
  2. Enhance security as SSTA Operations Command Centre can determine location of every bus and student at all times via GPS
  3. Real-time notifications to parents through the use of a fully automated Student Attendance & Tracking System and Mobile App Notification System
  4. High-definition video footage and real-time data transmission in event of emergencies and disputes with the In-Bus Surveillance System and SSTA OCC Live Monitoring & Emergency Alarm System


A pilot study conducted in December 2015 with 20 school buses equipped with SBMS yielded the following results:

  1. Time savings of 20 minute per trip for a 40 seater bus
  2. 15% savings in fuel consumption
  3. 85% reduction in repair and down-time opportunity
  4. Reduction in accident rates due to enhanced driver safety, resulting in decrease of cost of renewing insurance premiums by 10%


Fleet Owners: $6,000 per bus

One Man Operations (OMOs): $5450 per bus

*Funding available for both fleet owners and OMOs