Procurelytics – Paperless Procurement System with Analytics

Go paperless by digitalising purchase requests from sourcing, viewing, processing, evaluation and final award to reduce man-hours, costs and reliance on human audit & samplings, and get spending insights.

From purchase requests, sourcing, viewing, processing, evaluation and final award, Procurelytics reduces the need for human intervention, streamline workflows (approvals), and eliminate unnecessary loopbacks. Users would not need to log into multiple systems to process/approve purchase requests. It shortens internal purchasing cycle times yet maintaining transparency with full compliance to financial procedures & policies.


  • Procurement Management Module for Pre-Procurement Approval, Verification, Approval, with interface to check availability of budget
  • Service Dashboard to give relevant data to each approval level
  • Procurement Analytics at micro-level to detect procurement anomalies


  • Consolidate and centralise data to make it easier to access – shortening the whole procurement cycle
  • Provides detailed exporting and reporting of spending data
  • Man-days savings for procurement cycle times
  • Eliminate human intervention required for procurement audit and samplings




Procurelytics Sample Screen