Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring System (OEEMS)

OEEMS is used to evaluate machine productivity. It provides live machine status and captures key productivity losses, such as machine stoppages, slow cycles and defects. The data can provide insights as to how you can improve and convert stoppages into productive machine time.

A*STAR’s OEE solution is built for local SMEs. It has a user-friendly interface withfunctionalities relevant to your business needs.













Automatic Collection of Accurate, Reliable Data
The power of automation helps you save time collecting and verifying machine data from each operator. Operators need only to update the status of machine utilisation through a touch screen display module. The less input from operators, the less disruption to production.

Instant Analysis and Report Generation
The highly visual user interface allows you to generate reports and perform analyses on key losses almost instantaneously in a few clicks. Gone are the days of crunching numbers and charts across spreadsheets. Save time on complicated calculations, and get straight to the big picture on root causes and action plans.

Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility
The integrated dashboard provides you live access to all machines on the shop floor. Monitor machine utilisation and be alerted to key losses as they occur. Being able to respond quickly to changing shop floor conditions before productivity takes a serious hit may mean a huge difference between job profitability and loss.

Customised to Your Business Needs
The various components, such as interfaces and reports, are highly customisable according to your business setup. Whether it is your industry, production scale, internal processes or machine type, we are ready to listen to your needs and expectations.

Convenient Access Anytime, Everywhere
The integrated development of OEEMS across computer, tablet and mobile devices means that you can always access it on the go. Enjoy the convenience of wireless communication and synchronisation with machines, jobs and operators across the shop floor.


To maximise productive use of time
Time is money and OEEMS is all about providing you the opportunity to save time. No more manual tracking of data. No need to crunch numbers on the spreadsheet. The OEEMS integrated dashboard provides you real-time visibility of all machines on the shop floor. With just a few clicks, generate reports of machine utilisation, understand where key losses lie and formulate action plans. It is just that fast, that user-friendly, that hassle-free.

To maximise the value of resources
Machines, materials, manpower and energy are all resources invested into manufacturing operations. OEEMS provides you clear insights on improving machine utilisation – and therefore manufacturing capacity – without the need to commit more resources. Track productivity indicators, discover root causes and refine intervention strategies with advanced analytical tools. Each decision you make through OEEMS means an opportunity to extract more value from your resources.


S$25,000 + GST


Training: 4 x Half-Day Classroom Training, 8 x Half-Day On-Site Mentoring
Hardware: 1 x Notebook, 5 x Machine Data Acquisition Device

Software: 1 x OEE Software License