3D-Scan Visualiser

Traditionally, manual labour and processes are used to visualise and take measurements, which are manually calculated for quantity estimation of jobs where such data are used for proposal generation for clients. WAF’s solution improves productivity and reduces reliance of manpower involved in the site measurement and quantity estimation processes as part of the business operations.

The 3D-Scan Visualiser is a handheld self-contained 3D scanner (DPI-8) with a customised software that provides the latest 3D and virtual reality technologies to perform the following functions:

  • Ease of capturing indoor jobsite measurements more accurately & efficiently;
  • Quick generation of 2D & 3D modelling floor-plans from imaging captured;
  • Data captured can be easily exported to other file formats & made compatible with existing software used for further editing (eg. AutoCAD);
  • Promotes real-time rendering of 3D visualisation of indoor space;
  • Virtual reality viewing with your custom choices of wall coverings, flooring & furniture;
  • Automate quantity takeoff for faster processing of delivery orders & invoices to clients.


  • Captures onsite imaging in 3D
  • Easily obtain accurate measurements
  • Fast generation of 2D & 3D modelling floor-plans on the spot
  • Custom real-time design of interior space with drag & pull of furniture & furnishes
  • Automate quantity takeoff for faster processing of quotations to clients
  • Immersive 3D visualisation experience


From COMPANY’S perspective, the 3D-Scan Visualiser will enable companies to:

  • Reap productivity gains of more than 60%, by reducing man-hours spent per site measurement from approximately 4 hours to 1.5 hours.
  • Reduce the challenges & need to hire more site supervisors/quantity surveyors/3D graphics developers thereby increasing manpower cost savings over the long term
  • Allow salespersons or other less technically-trained persons to perform the measurement while they are at customers’ sites, thereby reducing man-hours and time can be reinvested into more value-adding roles
  • Reduce human errors from taking site measurements & quantity estimation as datasets obtained are dimensional, measurable and shareable to eliminate any guesswork or interpretation back at the office
  • Create new value chains by enabling companies to enhance their customers’ experience through viewing of interior spaces or business propositions in Virtual Reality environments and reduce any potential disputes
  • Ensure proper documentation of projects undertaken for building of projects portfolio and for future reference

From EMPLOYEES’ perspective, they will benefit from the following:

  • With potential productivity gains and the reduced need to recruit trained site supervisors or lesser skilled draftsman, any cost savings and revenue gain due to faster closure of deals will translate into higher profit which can then be used to increase the salary and bonus allocation and skills upgrading budget for employees
  • Employees’ skills can then be better deployed to areas which will add the most value to customers and the organisation
  • Boost attraction for new hires and staff retention, with the improved job requirements for the Quantity Surveying team in particular, via reduced number of site visits and site measurements required.


WAF hosts regular complimentary and non-obligatory demo sessions for companies to better understand and try out the technology solution. Contact us to find out more!


Within the range of  $4,400 – $9,400

after up to 70% co-funding by SPRING Singapore made available to only 100 SMEs and expiring by end of year 2017.

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Check out our factsheet of the 3D-Scan Visualiser below:

3D-Scan Visualiser_Factsheet